For the Love of Travel
For the Love of Travel

Summer holidays and the close connection to cricket

New research shows how closely connected cricket is to our summer holiday dreams.

As the official Accommodation Booking Partner of the ICC, has released new research revealing what Kiwi and Aussie sport fans feel about cricket and its connection to summer travel. According to the research, an overwhelming majority of Kiwi sport fans (81%) say that playing cricket is a quintessential part of their summer holiday experience.

Given this love for the game, and how sporting events have created travel recovery moments in the past months, the research highlights how this year’s ICC in the UAE followed by the 2022 Women’s and Men’s tournaments to be held across Australia and New Zealand in 2022 may support the region’s travel resurgence. Two thirds (69%) of Kiwi sport fans say that they would travel with their family to watch a cricket World Cup (if permitted).

MCG. Credit Victoria State Government

As we await news on the potential resumption of travel for NZ in 2022, can share some of the key travel expectations from Kiwi travellers / sports fans:

Top five expectations from hotels/properties to feel comfortable on a stay: clean and hygienic rooms with availability of hand sanitizers and masks (56%), mandatory for the guests to be fully vaccinated (45%), face mask mandatory for all when inside the hotel premises (43%), less crowded restaurants/shared spaces (43%), the entire staff of the hotel/property is vaccinated (43%)

SCG. Credit Wikipedia

Preferred type of stay for events like cricket matches when in other countries: Hotels (37%), Holiday homes, short term rentals (19%), Apartments (18%), Hostels (9%) and Other (12%) incl. resorts and villas.