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For the Love of Travel

Virtual wildlife with Taronga TV

For the first time in Taronga’s 103-year-history, Taronga Zoo Sydney and Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo have gone virtual with the launch Taronga TV.

Tune in daily for a packed schedule of fascinating keepers talks and shows, 24/7 live animal streams, amusing animal antics and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks at what the animals (and the keepers) actually get up to when the zoo is closed. There will also be resources available for teachers and for parents who are home schooling and looking for fun and educational content for their children.

Chief Executive of Taronga, Cameron Kerr, says “there’s so much for guests to experience when exploring our two zoos, but there’s also so much that goes on behind-the-scenes that normally goes unseen. From watching how our keepers care for and form close bonds with their animals to the vital conservation work that helps safeguard some of our most precious native wildlife. This is our chance to share some great stories, like what goes on behind the doors of our two hospitals where are critical care work continues, while also providing entertaining and educating content for those at home.

Taronga TV will be releasing new videos daily on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and online via With the temporary closure of Taronga’s zoos and accommodation products, the Taronga Foundation will continue to fundraise to ensure Taronga can continue operating its two Wildlife Hospitals and its vital conservation work in Australia and overseas. In 2018/19 alone, Taronga partnered with 39 organisations working on the front line of conservation across 18 countries.

“Our activities range from caring for injured native wildlife and cryopreserving the Great Barrier Reef, to breeding and releasing Bellingen River Turtles, a critical development for their long-term survival in the wild,” says Kerr.  To help Taronga continue its work throughout this difficult time and to tune into Taronga TV, please visit