For the Love of Travel
For the Love of Travel

Around the globe in LA

With over 140 nationalities calling Los Angeles home, the city serves up a lip-smacking array of multicultural cuisine and cutting-edge fusion fare across its more than 30 diverse neighbourhoods. From Little Armenia and Thai Town to Little Ethiopia and Koreatown, Kiwi travellers can take a culinary road trip tasting international cuisine from around the world without even leaving LA.

•Little Ethiopia – featuring vibrant Ethiopian restaurants serving up traditional cuisine, Aussies should prepare for a tactile dining experience. Wash your hands and tear off a taste of Africa by exploring one of LA’s coolest international enclaves.
•Olvera Street – stroll around the Mexican marketplace smelling the taquitos and tacos at the outdoor cafes, listening to the mariachi music, and watching Aztecs and Mexican folkloric dancers. Image attached.
•Little Armenia – the traditional birthplace of LA’s Armenian community where you can taste both Persian-Armenian and Lebanese-Armenian food. There are artisans making cured meat the same way they have for generations, and entrepreneurs blending traditional recipes with American flavours.

•Koreatown – located west of Downtown LA and south of Hollywood, the streets of Koreatown comprise an eclectic urban landscape where Korean neon signs mix with various architecture styles. Coffee houses and dessert are synonymous in Koreatown as an any-time-of-day kind of thing. Image attached.
•Little Tokyo – with roots dating to the 1880s, Little Tokyo is a major centre for Japanese Americans living in Southern California. From ramen and sushi to Hong Kong coffee and green tea donuts, it’s a neighbourhood not to be missed.

•Chinatown – it wasn’t until 1938 that the Downtown LA neighbourhood that once held Little Italy officially became known as Chinatown. Now, pagoda-style buildings with red lanterns house traditional Chinese restaurants, dim sum houses and bakeries, plus specialty grocery stores and gift shops.
•Thai Town – situated between East Hollywood and Los Feliz Village, Los Angeles’ Thai Town restaurants serve up traditional Thai cuisine, including bowls of noodle soup, fried shrimp balls and spicy salads.